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Tagged by :iconneow46:

1. You must post these rules
2. Each person has to share ten things about themselves
3. Answer the questions given to you and create ten for the people you tag
4. Choose ten people and place their icons on the journal
5. Go inform the people you tagged
6. Don't say you are tagged if you read this
7. Legitimately tag 8-10 people (like hell im doing that)
8. No tag backs
9. Don't say you don't do tags 
10. Make a journal, no comments unless they are about the actual entry

10 things about myself
1. I am a Tea person over a Coffee person.
2.Someday I wish to get a tattoo, one that I design myself.
3.My favorite movies when I was littler were Prince of Egypt, Quest for Camelot and Ice Age.
4.I'm still perpetually 5 so I love all the pixar and dreamworks movies. 
5.I'm a scorpio :iconscorpioplz:
6.I'm exactly 5'0 tall 
7.Snowboarding is Bae
8.Random bands/singers I like : Ludo, Exo,Suya,f(x),PATD
9.I like animu and mango (fud yea)
10.I'm currently a level 29 hunter in destiny

Neow's Questions
1. Favorite thing about your art?
2. Favorite thing about yourself? (Body or Otherwise c: )
3. Cats Or Dogs (You will be judged)
4. Glass half full or Half Empty? (don't lie)
5. What are you listening to right now? (Music)
6.How much do you pamper/give attention to your OCs?
7. What's your favorite Ethnicity/Race? (For Example, American (lmao), Spanish, Egyptian, Russian, Furry, Argonian, Khajiit, whatever the fuck.)
8. Favorite Video game? (Or if you're like me, List a few of your favorites, like Mien would be Metro, Dark Souls, Monster Hunter, Leauge, and so on)
9. WHO'S YOUR FAVORITE YOUTUBER (Mine's Markiplier Dude's a fuckin hero)
10a. HAVE you ever played Dark Souls? How was your experience with it? (You will be judged again)
10b. If you haven't played dark Souls, Do you like writing Stories or roleplaying?

My answers
1.My favorite thing differs from one bit to another, but overall, I think I like my line art ^^ (that may change)
2. hands?
3.DONT ASK ME THAAAT...aughfdfsdjlsd Doge.
4.Half empty.
5.Amazarashi's "Season's Die One After Another" first a lot then it lingers away because LIFE
7. Let's see um....the first one in my head, The Au ra from Final Fantasy?
8.Mirror's edge, The Last Of us, Monster Hunter, LOL , Destiny, Spyro, AC series, Final Fantasy, Halo ( I just love video games in general)
10a. I have played Dark Souls. It was Hell. I suck so bad at feinting. 
10b. I'm answering this as well because why the hell not. I prefer writing poetry and roleplaying is alright. I don't RP as much as i used to.

10 Questions For Those I Tag
1.What is the longest you've gone without sleep?
2.What is the strangest thing you've eaten?
3.Do you got any fears, like a Phobia of some kind?
4.Which Cartoon character do you think you resemble the most?
5.Pants. Yes or nah?
6.Worst Injury ever?
7.What is your Least or most Favorite Word ever?
8.What cheers you up?
9.If you could wake up in someone else's body, who would it be?
10.What is your perfect Pizza?

People I Tag 8D (this was kinda a random process)
:iconitsmar::iconrampaige06: :iconhestertatnell: :iconlilydunn::icontifacroft:

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